Are you smarter than your second brain?

Humans have a network of neurons lining our gut that is so extensive scientists have nicknamed it our second brain.

As part of our campaign, we want to know how people assess their knowledge and habits related to intestinal health. Being smarter than your second brain is making smart choices about your diet, to evolve in symbiosis with your intestinal system, not in opposition.

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You know your intestinal flora and certainly pay attention to it. One could describe you as a virtuoso of the intestinal health. There is a safe bet you're smarter than your second brain. But do not stop there: why not make known the importance of a healthy gut flora to your colleagues, relatives and friends? Come on, you can do it!
You know your body and habits to adopt to be in good general health. You’ve surely been already told you that you were gifted for intestinal health. But did you know you could further increase your health potential? No more missed workouts or canceled dinner parties for a cold that lingers! Try probiotics and see their positive effects on your physical health, of course, but also psychological!
Are you at risk?
Your intestinal flora may be unbalanced, it would be no coincidence that last winter’s cold took nearly a month to heal. A healthy gut flora not only helps your digestive health, but your entire body. Prevention is better than cure is not just a saying, it comes to you as an invitation to better listen to your body!

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