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Your health
comes first!

Contributes to good digestive health.
Supports natural defences.
Promotes the balance of intestinal flora.

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Probiotics &

Our capsules offer a convenient way to promote a healthy balance in the microflora and regulate intestinal functions even while away from home.

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A probiotic
for you.

All Bio-K+ products contain the same patented formula L. acidophilus CL1285® and L. casei LBC80R®, 100% probiotic bacteria. Fresh products as well as capsules are available to fit your lifestyle.

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How is your
Digestive Health?

Learn more about the body's natural defenses
and the importance of a healthy balance in the
intestinal microflora.

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"Where can I find more information on probiotics for my patients?"

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Fermented Milk

Original - dairy culture probiotic
Strawberry - dairy culture probiotic


Soy - fermented soy probiotic
Organic rice - fermented rice probiotic


Regular - probiotic capsules
Strong probiotic capsules
Extra Strength - probiotic capsules

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Bio-K+ Community Events

Bio-K+ Official Probiotic of The Bhaktifest 2012 - A Yoga & Music experience of a Lifetime Come & See us at the annual Bhakti fest in Joshua Tree, CA, held on September 6-9th, 2012. Don't miss the Spiritual Woodstock of the Decade! The most important Western yogic gathering of the year! Learn about Bhaktifest on YouTube!


C. difficile outbreak in Ontario, Canada. Bio-K+ can help!

Since May 28th, C. difficile outbreak occurs in 16 hospitals in Ontario. An article from The Toronto Star (july 8th, 2011), mentions that a federally funded scientist says all elderly hospital patients on antibiotics should be given probiotics that have been scientifically proven, specifically Bio-K+, to stop the spread of a superbug now plaguing the Niagara Region.

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