Consider a career with Bio-K+ International

We are convinced that confidence is one of the best incentives. At Bio-K+ International, encouraging your efforts through freedom of initiation and expression is the best way of involving you in our success. In such an environment of ongoing learning and innovation, your performance will reflect your drive to take initiative, your curiosity, and your ability to develop new skills and competencies.

Are you a recent graduate? With Bio-K+ International, you can achieve your full potential in a multi-faceted role with a high degree of autonomy.

Are you an experienced manager? Consider opportunities at the local, regional, and international with Bio-K+ and take your career to the next level. All positions are strategically important to the company’s future: here you will find all the challenges and rewards of working in a 21st century industry experiencing dynamic growth.

We seek out those that, like ourselves, are passionate, creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial individuals who appreciate teamwork as well as individual achievement, and manifest leadership qualities in every domain of expertise – in research, production, marketing, sales, finance & operations, or administration. What makes Bio-K+ International stand above the rest is that we actively recruit the open-minded, the risk-takers, and the unconventional thinkers.

You are invited to contact us (please send your resume and a brief description of your professional interests). All applications received are considered; suitable candidates will be contacted. We actively seek out excellence, and recruit on a year-round basis.